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Giving is great

We have a grim determination to continuously help other people and their pooches on our journey. We have multiple choices to acchieve this. Either with a good product, a great customer service, other useful information and of course giving something back to our community.

Let us give you a bit of an insight of our community activities.

Buddy’s Boxer Rescue Project 

We were proud to provide support for Buddy`s Boxer Rescue Fund Raising campaign by offering 5 Unique CustDog balls for their raffle. The event was a success and we were very happy to contribute towards rescuing some of these fantastic dogs.


Merlin`s Haven Project

We have agreed with Merlin`s Haven - a non profit rescue organisation helping to rescue and rehome abused and neglected dogs - to support their upcoming fundraiser campaign in September. Watch the Space, further info coming soon...

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Next Project 

You will be a next...get in touch ..

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Woman Hugging Dog


We are here to provide your dog with a personalized, high quality, functional fetch toy ball with great assortment of fun.

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