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Key Features

  • Compact size - ideal for dogs or cats
  • Durable and portable, ideal for taking on holiday
  • Keeps you pet cool in the summer months and off the cold ground in the winter months
  • Lightweight but still strong and durable frame and material
  • Machine Washable


The KCT Raised Pet Beds are the perfect solution for your pet to get a good nights sleep or relax in comfort. The sleeping area of the bed is held off the ground by the heavy duty steel frame which makes this product very strong and sturdy and safe for your pet.

With the sleeping area off the ground, your pet is protected from the harness of a cold floor surface in the colder months but also kept cool in the summer months. This makes the KCT Raised Pet Beds the ideal solution all year round.

The bed cover can be removed and washed if needed and is easy to rebuild once it is clean.

The pet beds are also very light weight and portable allowing you to take them where ever you need them - even when going away or camping.


Bed Frame: Metal
Bed Material: Polyester


Small Raised Pet Bed
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 56cm x 56cm x 22cm
Sleeping Area: 45cm x 45cm Sleeping Area Height above Ground: 12cm
Side Height: 10cm

Medium Raised Pet Bed
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 71cm x 71cm x 26cm
Sleeping Area: 56cm x 56cm Sleeping Area Height above Ground: 19cm
Side Height: 11cm

Large Raised Pet Bed
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 87cm x 87cm x 32cm
Sleeping Area: 70cm x 70cm Sleeping Area Height above Ground: 19cm
Side Height: 13cm

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