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Tough Love: DIY Tough Dog Toys You Can Make at Home[TW4/1]


As a dog owner, you know that finding the right toys for your furry friend involves a delicate balance between durability and playfulness. If you're feeling crafty, why not try making your own tough dog toys at home? In this edition of "Tough Love," we'll explore some creative DIY ideas, and we'll also introduce Custdog's dog ball as an excellent option for a homemade tough toy.

The Joy of Crafting for Your Canine

Crafting your dog's toys not only allows you to tailor them to your pup's preferences but also provides a cost-effective way to keep your dog entertained. Let's dive into some DIY tough dog toy ideas that are sure to delight both you and your furry companion.

DIY Tough Dog Toy Ideas

1. T-Shirt Tug Toy:

  • Turn old t-shirts into a durable tug-of-war toy. Braid the fabric and knot the ends to create a sturdy and engaging plaything.

2. Denim Knot Ball:

  • Cut denim scraps into strips, knot them together, and shape them into a tough ball. This DIY option provides a textured surface for your dog's chewing pleasure.

3. Sock Ball with Tennis Ball Core:

  • Place a tennis ball inside a sock and tie a knot at the open end. The outer layer absorbs the chewing, and the tennis ball adds an element of bounce.

4. Fleece Frisbee:

  • Cut a circle from fleece fabric and braid the edges. This homemade frisbee is soft on your dog's mouth but tough enough for a game of catch.

Custdog Dog Ball: The Perfect DIY Companion

While DIY projects are fantastic, having a reliable base can elevate the play experience. Custdog's dog ball serves as an excellent foundation for your DIY tough dog toys. Here's why:

1. Durability Beyond Compare:

  • Crafted from tough materials, Custdog's dog ball ensures your DIY creation stands the test of time. Its robust construction makes it an ideal core for various homemade toys.

2. Versatile Play Options:

  • The dog ball's unique bounce and texture add versatility to playtime, enhancing the engagement level of your DIY tough dog toy.

3. Interactive Bonding:

  • Incorporating Custdog's dog ball into your DIY projects provides an opportunity for interactive bonding, strengthening the connection between you and your pup.

Get Crafting with Custdog

Discover the joy of crafting tough dog toys at home and enhance the experience with Custdog's dog ball. Visit to explore the collection and start your DIY adventure.

Conclusion: DIY Delight for Your Pup

Crafting tough dog toys at home is a rewarding endeavour that benefits both you and your canine companion. With Custdog's dog ball as your DIY base, you can create toys that withstand enthusiastic play and provide hours of enjoyment. Start crafting and watch your pup revel in the joy of homemade toys at Because nothing says "tough love" like a DIY creation made with care!

Custdog tough dog toy ball



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