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Sunday Special: Ultimate Dog Toy Sale[PW4/6]


Sundays just got a whole lot better for you and your four-legged friend! Join us for the Ultimate Dog Toy Sale, where happiness is on sale, and playtime is the ultimate reward. Dive into exclusive deals and discover the joy of play with the premium Custdog dog ball. Hurry, wagging tails await at

Exclusive Deals Tailored for You:

1. Bundle Bonanza:

Explore our specially curated bundles that offer a variety of toys, ensuring there's something for every doggy preference.

2. Flash Discounts:

Keep your eyes peeled for flash discounts on selected dog toys, including the versatile Custdog dog ball.

3. Limited Edition Toys:

Snag a piece of playtime luxury with our limited edition toys, designed to delight both you and your furry companion.

Why Choose the Custdog Dog Toy Ball?

The Custdog dog ball isn't just a toy; it's a promise of premium play:

  • Personalised Touch: Customise the Custdog dog ball with your dog's name for that extra-special touch.

  • Durability Guaranteed: Crafted from top-tier materials, the Custdog dog ball ensures long-lasting play, making it a favourite among pet owners.

  • Versatile Fun: Whether it's a game of fetch, interactive play, or solo chewing, the Custdog dog ball caters to various play preferences.

How to Seize the Deals at

  1. Visit the Website: Head to and explore our wide range of dog toys, including the beloved Custdog dog ball.

  2. Select Your Favourites: Choose from our Sunday Special selection and add your preferred items to the cart.

  3. Checkout with Joy: Complete your purchase, and get ready to witness the joyous reaction of your furry friend.


Don't miss out on the Sunday Special: Ultimate Dog Toy Sale! Treat your dog to a world of play and discovery with exclusive deals and the premium Custdog dog ball. Visit now, and let the Sunday fun begin!

Custdog personalised dog toy ball


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