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There are many owners who may have very picky pooches and would like to make sure they buy the treats their dogs like the best. However it might be challenging to make the right choice for the first try. Just like when we go to a restaurant and we are keen to try something new but being afraid of disappointment we end up ordering the same boring stuff we already know.  This is your chance to give a try to our Tester or may we call it taster :-) Box and find out which treats are the ones your dog loves the most, helping you to make better choices for them in the future.

Benefits:With this box option, you can rest assured that none of your money will be wasted on treats that your dog may not like in the long term. You can give a try to every item on the CustDog Treats Menu by ordering the Tester Box.

Please note the Tester Box comes with a small piece of all the Treats we currently have on offer, therefore pick and mix of your own is not applicable with this option. 

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