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  • Durability & Stability :- The high-quality construction ensures that the products will last you for years to come.Rounded design stainless steel edge can go deep into pet's undercoat without hurting them, simultaneously giving pet a gentle massage improving blood circulation
  • High Quality Product :- The slicker brush is made of 4 inch stainless steel, which is not sharp to protect your dog or cat's skin. It comes with a protective cover to make it last longer. Ergonomic Non-slip handle, which is durable and strong, fit in hand perfectly
  • Professional Grade, Premium Build :- Stainless Steel rust-resistant Comb reaches deep into the undercoat. Strong Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle with a comfortable & snug fit gives you great control minus the hand cramps. Versatile detachable design: Remove the comb easily & efficiently by pressing the Quick Release Button on the head
  • Easy to Clean :- Just press the button to easily remove the deshedder head for cleaning. Convenient eyelet on the tail of the gonicc Pet Grooming Brush, you can store, hang or even clip to your belt, easy for storage
  • Perfect Health Plan :- Regular grooming with our pet hair remover allows you to check on your pet's fur/skin and overall wellness regularly. Non-irritating it helps reduce stress on your pet by removing the loose and itchy undercoat. Promotes healthy bonding between you and your pet

Perfect density of the grooming brush teeth will remove the falling floating hair of your cat and dog without damaging their healthy fur in just 10 MINUTES. Enjoy fresh air and a clean house without floating hair everywhere.The stainless steel comb teeth endpoint is flat and safe, will not hurt the skin of your pet while brushing their hair.after Grooming and massaging your pet, it will increase their blood circulation, and make your pet friend happy and healthy. User Method : Attach the comb to the handles, Remove any large knots and tangles before bathing and, brushing your pets., Clean and wash your pet before deshedding., Apply smooth in the direction of the coat with only a little pressure, allowing the weight of the tool to do the work. Do not concentrate on one area for too long and avoid sensitive areas around the face. Recommend 15 mins sessions using gonicc Deshedding tool for 2 to 3 times a week. You may need to use it most frequently during heavy shedding periods. Clean and dry your pet's coat, remove tangles or mats before use. Gently brushing across the pet's coat in the direction of hair growth, avoid applying too much weight or downward pressure. Product Introduction: - Product Name:- ( Professional Pet DeShedding Tool ) - Blade Material: (High Quality Stainless Steel) - Handle Material: (TPE PP ECO-Friendly Material) - Colour: (Blue)

Professional Dog Grooming Brush for Shedding, for Small, Medium & Large Removin

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