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This Treat Box is packed with all natural treats your dog will LOVE!

Providing treats like these is great for encouraging chewing and in the process cleaning up those teeth! Not to mention all these treats have various health benefits to them that support your dogs health in a variety of ways.


We have 2 options - Single or Doggy Double

The single is aimed at dogs who live alone and would like this all to themsleves.

The Doggy Double is aimed at 2 dogs living under the same roof


Treats included are:


Single                                                 Doggy Double

1 x pigs ear                                       2 x pigs ears

2 x rabbit ears                                 4 x rabbit ears

1 x dried snout                                2 x dried snouts

5 x goat skin chews                      10 x goat skin chews

1 x beef abomasum                       2 x beef abomasum

1 x beef jerky                                    2 x beef jerky

4 x chicken feet                               8 x chicken feet

2 x cut trachea                                 4 x cut trachea

1 x beef skin chew                          2 x beef skin chew

2 x lamb muscle chew                  4 x lamb muscle chew 

20 TREATS                                        40 TREATS


Please note: If any items are out of stock they will be replaced with items of equivalent value that is as close as possible to the out of stock item.

Dog Treat Box

PriceFrom £16.00