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Crafting Fun: Making Your Own Dog Ball Toy [17]


dog toy ball

Own Dog Toy Ball

Engaging your furry friend in playtime is not only enjoyable but also essential for their mental and physical well-being. While there are countless dog toys available in stores, crafting your own dog ball toy can be a rewarding and budget-friendly activity. In this blog post, we'll guide you through some simple yet creative DIY ideas to make your very own dog ball toy. Plus, we'll introduce you to the Custdog dog ball, an excellent option for those looking for a personalised and durable toy.

Materials You'll Need: Before we dive into the DIY projects, gather these basic materials:

  • Tennis Ball: You can recycle an old one or use a new one.

  • Treats or Kibble: For treat-dispensing toys.

  • Socks: Those lonely, mismatched socks in your drawer will work perfectly.

  • Rope: A thick, durable rope is ideal for rope ball toys.

  • Rubber Ball: Choose a small rubber ball for added bounce and durability.

  • Freezer: If you're making a frozen water ball toy.

Now, let's get crafting!

1. Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser:

Transform a regular tennis ball into a treat-dispensing toy with a few simple steps:

  • Cut a small slit or hole in the tennis ball.

  • Fill it with your dog's favourite treats or kibble.

  • Watch as your dog rolls and plays with the ball, trying to get the treats out.

This DIY toy provides mental stimulation and keeps your dog entertained as they work to retrieve the hidden treats.

2. Sock Ball Toy:

Have some old socks that have lost their match? Turn them into a DIY dog ball toy:

  • Place a tennis ball or a small rubber ball inside a sock.

  • Tie a knot at the open end of the sock.

  • Now, your dog has a soft and bouncy toy to chase and chew on.

The sock provides a gentle texture that many dogs enjoy during playtime.

3. Rope Ball Toy:

Create an interactive rope ball toy that your dog will love:

  • Wrap a thick rope around a tennis ball.

  • Secure the ends of the rope with knots.

  • Leave some rope ends hanging for your dog to grab and play tug-of-war.

This DIY toy not only provides mental and physical stimulation but also encourages bonding through interactive play.

4. Frozen Water Ball:

On a hot day, give your pup a refreshing toy:

  • Fill a small rubber ball with water.

  • Place it in the freezer until the water is frozen.

  • Now, your dog can enjoy a cool and soothing play session as they lick and chew the ice.

Remember to supervise your dog while they play with any homemade toy, especially if it contains small parts that could be a choking hazard.

Crafting your own dog ball toy is a fun and creative way to provide entertainment for your furry friend. These DIY options offer variety and mental stimulation, keeping your dog engaged and happy during playtime.

And if you're looking for a personalised and durable dog ball, check out the Custdog dog ball at You can add your dog's name or a special message to make it truly unique. It's a wonderful option for those who want to combine the joy of DIY crafting with the quality of a customised toy. Happy crafting and playing!

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