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Most of the time we are running out of the training treats when we would need them the most...or we only have stock of only one kind of treat at home... Let`s be honest we humans also fancy to have a bit of variety in our own food and treats. Our pets are not different either, they don`t like to have the same things each and every day. The variety and the sufficient quantity is just as important for all of us. 
Therefore we have created this treat box with careful consideration making sure that you have one thing less to worry about throughout the month.

Benefits: These treats pack a whole host of essential vitamins, minerals and Omega oils great for growing puppies and older dogs alike.

This box contains 8 items of the below listed healthy items carefully selected for training and rewarding your dog or puppy.


  • Roast Beef Pieces                                  

  • Dried Sprats                                            

  • Pork Crunch                                            

  • Salmon Stick                                       

  • Fish Skin Cubes                                     

  • Venison Sausage                            

  • Chicken and Golden Paste Sausage      

  • Sausage Training Treats

How to create your own box: 

This box comes with a mix of treats that we have carefully selected based on the general nutritional needs of a dog. However we wouldn`t be called CustDog, without giving you a chance to pick and mix the above items based on the choice of your own up the maximum of  8 items in this box. 


 4X Roast Beef Pieces                                  

       Dried Sprats                                             

 4X Pork Crunch                                            

 2X Salmon Stick                                       

 30X Fish Skin Cubes                                      

       Venison Training Treats                             2XChicken and Golden Paste Sausage           Sausage Training Treats

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