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Don`t we all love luxury and being spoiled with the best of the best...why should your dog need to put up with less? 

If you want to go for the Best, the most dog-mouth watering and hartiest treats you can imagine for your dog, then no need to scroll further. 

Benefits:Although these treats may be luxury there is no skimping on the amount of amazing nutritional value in this selection of treats. Boasting a great range of Vitamins, Minerals and Omega oils to help all ages of dog.

The Gourmet Box contains 11 pieces of the following 8 specially selected luxuricious treats as listed below. 

  • Roast Beef Pieces                                  

  • Dried Sprats                                           

  • Pork Crunch                                            

  • Salmon Stick                                           

  • Beef Muscle Chew                                 

  • Fish Skin Cubes                                      

  • Venison Sausage                                    

  • Chicken and Golden Paste Sausage     

With this option you may also pick and mix the items according to your dogs` Gourmet taste up to a total of 11 pieces of the above uncompromisingly healthy and non the less posh treats. 

2- Roast Beef Pieces                                  

1- Dried Sprats                                           

1- Pork Crunch                                            

1- Salmon Stick                                           

1- Beef Muscle Chew                                 

1- Fish Skin Cubes                                      

2- Venison Sausage                                    

2- Chicken and Golden Paste Sausage     

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