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Everyone aims to find the best solution on every occasion. Some of us may not have sufficient knowledge or experience to find the best treats for our dogs. 

Some of us may still be trying to find answers for questions like:

What`s the best for the teeth of my dogs?

What`s the best for their joints and their digestive systems?

Alexandra from Flawless Paws already got you sorted and created an option that ticks all the boxes. 

Benefits: Hairy treats are a natural dewormer, Long lasting chews aid in dental health and hygiene, Fish treats have essential oils to help maintain healthy skin and a glossy coat, goose feet and turkey necks have good levels of natural joint aids which will benefit dogs of all ages. 

  • Beef Muscle Chew                                    

  • Goose Feet                                              

  • Whitefish Jerky Fish Fingers                   

  • Turkey Necks                                                       

  • Rabbit ears (hairy)  

The Flawless Box option contains one of the above listed items, therefore pick and mix of your own is not applicable with this option. 

1- Beef Muscle Chew                                    

1- Goose Feet                                              

1- Whitefish Jerky Fish Fingers                   

1- Turkey Necks                                                       

1- Rabbit ears (hairy)  

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