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It`s now time to consider what other options are available for keeping our Best Friends fit and healthy for a long time. Besides the common nutrients you may find other beneficial treats that are different from the conventional but would they still cater for all health needs? Would they provide all the vitamins, fibre and nourishments you can find in other animal products? 
For this very reason we have created a really unique treat box which is rich in superfood and vitamins.  

Benefits:Provides a whole host of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential oils which will help your dog recover, recharge and feel renewed.

This box contains 20 pieces of the below listed healthy items carefully selected for training and rewarding your dog or puppy.

  • Seaweed and Parsley Sprinkles              

  • Dried Apple Rings                                    

  • Dried Banana Chips                                 

  • Fish Skin Cubes                                       

  • Dried Pumpkin Pieces                              

  • Green Tea                                                

  • Baby Shrimp                                             

  • Dried Cranberries                                     

How to create own box: Should you trust our expertise, this box option comes with 20 pieces with the variety of the 8 carefully selected items as listed below. If you wish, you may also pick and mix up to 20 pieces based on the choice of your own - after all we are called CustDog for a reason, which does not stop at personalising your dog ball ;-) 

3- Seaweed and Parsley Sprinkles               

2- Dried Apple Rings                                    

2- Dried Banana Chips                                 

2- Fish Skin Cubes                                       

3- Dried Pumpkin Pieces                              

2- Green Tea                                                

3- Baby Shrimp                                             

3- Dried Cranberries                                     

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