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One of the main challenges owners face is keeping their dogs` teeth healthy and clean. Mouth hygiene is equally important for dogs too, as bad teeth can cause other health issues like digestion problems, which may lead to other illnesses in the long term shortening the life of your pet pal. The best way to tackle this is with a natural approach. This box contains treats that are the best to keep those teeth healthy and clean. 

Benefits: The wide range of long lasting and hard wearing chews found in this box will enable your dog to use his full set of teeth and while enjoying a nice treat will be cleaning his teeth.

The box contains 5 carefully selected dental treats helping to achieve your goal to keep your dog healthy and happy. 


  • Roast Lamb Shoulder Strips                  

  • Camel Skins                                          

  • Paddy Wack                                           

  • Beef Muscle Chew                                

  • Turkey Neck    

How to create your own box: 

This box can be selected with a mix of treats that we have carefully selected based on your dog`s needs, or you can pick and mix the items based on the choice of your own.

1- Roast Lamb Shoulder Strips                  

1- Camel Skins                                          

1- Paddy Wack                                           

1- Beef Muscle Chew                                

1- Turkey Neck    

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